US Students: Thinking about Graduate School in Ireland???

Meet with me, Caela Provost (the UCC North American Officer/US Representative), at one of the following upcoming graduate events:

  1. Idealist Washington, D.C. – September 23rd  
  2. Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional – September 24th   
  3. Skidmore College Graduate Fair – October 2nd  
  4. Colby College Graduate Fair – October 7th  
  5. Bates College Graduate Fair – October 8th  
  6. Bowdoin College Graduate Fair – October 8th  
  7. Houghton College Graduate Fair – October 15th  
  8. Alfred University Graduate Fair – October 16th  
  9. SUNY Geneseo Graduate Fair – October 16th  
  10. Saint John Fisher College Graduate Fair – October 17th  
  11. Kutztown University Graduate Fair – November 4th
  12. Temple University Graduate Fair – November 6th
  13. La Salle University Graduate Fair – November 7th
  14. Saint Francis College Graduate Fair – November 13th

Please note: more fairs and links will be added as they become available. Can’t make a fair, but still interested in learning more? Email me at and we can plan a time to talk!

I look forward to talking to you about graduate opportunities at UCC!


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