US Postgraduate Testimonial Series: MSc in Food Business and Innovation

Name: Jessica Jasewicz

Hometown: Little Falls, NY

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Wells College, Aurora, NY Bachelor of Science in Biology

Postgraduate Program at UCC: Masters in Food Business and Innovation

Career Aspirations: To one day open my own animal and human health and nutrition center

Program Highlights and Hurdles: The most rewarding part of this postgraduate experience was learning about how to make a successful business through the eyes of many different individuals from international students, local students, and even guest professors. The most eye-opening experience of this postgraduate course was being able to create our own business plan for a product or service that our team came up with, while also having the opportunity to make a Christmas digital marketing campaign for a company of our choice. The most challenging parts of the postgraduate experience have been working in group projects and finding a work placement. It took a while to find our groove working in group projects, but the more meetings we had the easier it was to get to know each other and our strengths and weaknesses. In regards to finding a work placement I would call the companies each week to hear about their updates for me about a position or not.

Other Activities: Outside of the postgraduate experience I am a part of the Chaplaincy. They are an organization right outside of UCC that hosts socials every Thursday evenings from board game night to karaoke and pizza. This organization has a student mass every Sunday at 7:30pm and I am a participant in the choir for mass.  Chaplaincy also holds retreats and pilgrimages to various religious places. For example, last semester Chaplaincy took us to Gougane Barra for the day where we had the opportunity to walk around, reflect, and learn about the local culture.

Any recommendations? For future students taking this course I would recommend looking for a work placement as soon as possible because it is hard to find one, and to start group work early so that you do not have to rush at the end. The second semester goes by a lot quicker than the first one so it is very important to be organized and get the work done sooner rather than later. My piece of other advice would be to go to professors’ office hours both on your own and with your team for group projects in order to get the questions and concerns out of the way as soon as possible.

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