Life at UCC

Blog by UCC Student Ambassador Brenna McDonagh


The UCC campus is just as beautiful in person as it in pictures. My first time stepping onto the UCC campus I was awestruck by how big and beautiful it was. I didn’t know my way around, but that’s common for being anywhere your first time. It didn’t take long for me to get my bearings on campus and pretty soon I was navigating it like a pro. One of my favorite places to go on campus was the Student Union. My friends and I would go in between classes to hangout and get some tea and scones and chat. The Student Union has two cafes where you can get food in between classes: one upstairs and one downstairs. The bookstore is also located in the Student Union, so you can get your UCC merchandise. Upstairs they recently put in a new bar so you can hang out there have a drink with your friends. The Boole Library is where you could find me when I had to write a paper or study for a test. It has five floors including a basement and ground floor. Each floor is fairly quiet and filled with UCC students doing work.

International Students

Going to UCC as an international student I was nervous about making friends, but UCC made it so easy to get out and meet new people. I went for the Early Start Program so I was there three weeks early before the semester started to take a class along with other American students. We got to do orientation early and meet with kids in our class before it started. The President and Vice President of the UCC Student Union and other student leaders put on events for those in the Early Start Program. They bought us pizza and took us for a night out. There I met two girls who I became really good friends with and still keep in touch with. Once more international students arrived, UCC put on international student gatherings and nights out. They had a movie night and then a hang out at the new bar on campus. There I met people from all over, some from the Netherlands, Germany, France, and so many more places. Regularly throughout the semester international student events were held (and they were exclusive to international students which was pretty cool). Most of the events were held in pubs all around the Cork City, they would have a DJ and everyone would dance and have a great  time. At the end of the semester they hosted a farewell event and handed out awards to students.


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