2019 Quercus Taught Masters Academic Scholarships

Looking to apply for a 2019 Quercus Taught Scholarship (50% contribution to program cost total!)? Here are some fast facts. 

  • Before applying for a Quercus Taught Scholarship, students should ensure that they have/will earn a 1H in their previous (or current*) degree. Be sure to check qualification equivalents for your country (i.e. 1H = 3.7 GPA in the USA).
  • Check that your course is listed as one in the group giving Quercus Scholarships, and remember that these awards are given for taught programs only.
  • Check out this page for contact information, the application link, and FAQs:
  • Be sure your application on PAC is complete, with all of your documents uploaded.
  • Apply by June 1st, 2019!
  • When in doubt, contact the people listed at the link above.

*Current program students who “… demonstrate an exceptional level of academic excellence and commitment to their masters course of choice, as evidenced by their personal statement. “


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