Frisbee at UCC

Blog and Photos by UCC Student Ambassador Sophie Fonseca


One of the best things I did abroad was joining the Frisbee team at University College Cork (UCC). The UCC International Student Society emphasized the importance of joining a club, so I thought, “Sure why not? I’ll give it a shot.” My original plan was to try out for the basketball team, but fate had a different idea. After showing up for a basketball practice at the wrong time, I found people playing Frisbee on the court, and I asked if I could try out for the team.

I had no experience with Frisbee whatsoever and thought it was mostly something people played at the beach with their dogs.  I was frankly terrible when I started but I figured this was my chance to try out a new sport and join a team. The sport ended up being much more technical than I thought it was going to be, but it was nice to try to pick up something completely foreign.

Frisbee turned out to be the only way I met other Irish students. It allowed me to further understand the city and country I was in for the semester. Not only so but it was great to go to practice a few times a week, scrimmage, make friends, and get some exercise. The practices gave me structure, something I felt like I needed since my hours of class were so different compared to Boston College. Picking up Frisbee allowed me to be on a team during my stay in Ireland, something I did not do at Boston College.

I found that joining a club was a great way to meet people and try to make friends that were not American. Everyone on the team was so welcoming and friendly. The club also hosted socials, events, and tournaments and attended the UCC Club and Soc Ball.  I am so thankful for the experience because it made me feel more like a student at UCC that happened to be American than an American exchange student. The team had such a strong sense of community, which made me feel so much more at home. I would highly recommend any exchange student  join a club or society!

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