Cork Coffee Shops

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Student Ambassador Paige Annelayne

A town is only as good as its coffee shops, and Cork, Ireland does not disappoint. This little slice of heaven has a coffee spot haven for everyone. I studied abroad in this beautiful town in the fall of 2017, and spent most of my months there wandering in and out of the different coffee shops, finding my favorite, and returning again and again. Since the town is home to University College Cork (UCC), many other book laden individuals followed in my path.

Whether you’re a busy bee or just looking for a place to chat, these ten coffee spots throughout the city are worth a stop. Find your coffee shop niche!

  1. Coffee Station

Location: 21A Western Rd. (Mardyke)

This spot is a must for any UCC student running late to lecture. You can pop in here to grab a cup of coffee and a to-go bite to eat and be on your way in a jiffy. They also have smoothies and sandwiches for a bit of an extra boost. Since it’s right across from the gates to UCC, it’s basically on your way anyway, especially if you’re walking from Mardyke. There is also a Coca-Cola bike station directly beside this spot, so it’s perfect for a commuter!

Paige 1

  1. Farmgate Cafe

Location: The English Market

Located in the English Market, open since 1788, this café is the perfect place to people watch locals as they mingle and shop. Right off of the main street in the center of Cork, Farmgate is a central point to meet up for a bite to eat and an exceptionally good latte. On your way out, grab some farm-fresh produce or a sweet treat from the chocolate shop right downstairs!

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  1. The “Starbucks” on UCC’s campus in the O’Rahilly Building (ORB)

Location: 54 College Rd.

Though Starbucks may seem too basic to be on any list for coffee spots, this one is a perfect spot for students. For some reason, though the menu definitely is that of Starbucks, their brand is nowhere to be seen in this sunny little on-campus spot. I was confused but appreciative when I stumbled upon it my first month at UCC. Grab a seat near the window and an outlet to bust out some studying between classes.

  1. Cork Coffee Roasters

Location: 2 Bridge St.

For those who get easily distracted by a laptop or your Instagram feed, this is the spot for you. No Wi-Fi in the shop allows for a no-nonsense workspace, allowing you to focus and get whatever needs to be done accomplished alongside a perfectly brewed cup o’ joe. Located near a ton of different lunch spaces, you can easily grab a bite to eat after your productive work session.

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  1. Costa

Location: 5/6 Emmet Pl.

For all the Europeans, this is the go-to basic coffee spot. With over 3,000 storefronts, Costa falls second only to Starbucks. The Cork location on Emmett Pl is a good place to grab a good latte – if you’re ever uncertain in a new place, Costa acts as a constant.

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  1. Alchemy

Location: 123 Barrack St.

This spot is a hidden treasure. Full of all different types of seating, and a library of books available for sale, Alchemy offers something for everyone. It also has a very distinct personality, and you lose track of time in a hazy contentment. They also offer a variety of pastries and savory treats, like their delicious sausage rolls.

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  1. 143 Vegan Cafe

Location: 143 Lower Glanmire Rd.

This family owned cafe is such a special place in Cork. The attentive service makes you feel welcome and adds to your experience in this little front room cafe. There are a handful of creative latte concoctions to try (turmeric and beet to name a couple), and a healthy menu of vegan food options if you get hungry.

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  1. Doppio

Location: 30 College Rd.

This little hole in the wall is close to UCC and is often frequented by students walking to or from the campus. Serving up locally sourced coffee, it’s the perfect place to grab a cup and catch up with a friend or catch up on your reading.

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  1. Tara’s Tea Room

Location: 45 McCurtain St.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, Tara’s is the place to do so. Grab your friends and pop into this quaintly decorated tea house with beautiful printed tea cups and adorable interior decor. It’s the perfect place to cure your sweet tooth, too, with pastries and cake, or try out one of their delicious lunch specials for heartier fare.

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  1. Cafe Depeche

Location: 19 Lancaster Quay

One of the only places that sells matcha lattes in the city, Depeche also offers a wide variety of mouth-watering pastries to have alongside your cuppa. You won’t miss it on your walk through Cork either, since it’s painted a lovely shade of purple. Stop by their to-go window to make your daily walk a bit more pleasant.

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Hopefully this brief little list helps you out in discovering the best coffee shop for whatever you need! Best of luck in coffee shop adventures. xoxo



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