Tesco… Aldi… Centra… where to go???

Blog by Student Ambassador Sydney Burris 


Þ The main grocery stores are Tesco and Lidl. If you live by the Wilton Shopping center then go there- they also have Aldi. Otherwise you’ll get groceries from the city center.

Þ In my opinion, avoid convenience store besides Tesco Express (Daybreak, Centra, etc.), as they tend to be over-priced!



  • Is the best for generic products: flour, sugar, etc.
  • Has the largest selection of items.
  • Good for home goods and cooking utensils.



  • Definitely had the cheapest vegetables, as well as the most affordable alcoholic beverages.
  • The store has a lovely selection of ice cream, and typically the best prices (you must try honeycomb and the Tiramisu flavour from a company that starts with “N” is my favourite ice cream ever!!)
  • They offer discounted meats soon to expire (I would purchase and freeze them- this is a VERY American thing to do).



  • Great for purchasing seasonings,
  • Get your eggs here. I literally refused to buy eggs anywhere else because the 18 pack is the best price you will find in Cork. Also, I kept my eggs in my pantry because our fridge was small and they stayed fine.
  • Good place to buy wraps.



  • Dunne’s has a smaller selection, but offers some items the other groceries don’t.
  • A bit more out of the way no matter where you live, but is the most convenient if you’re living near the city.
  • The store also sells clothing, and has a café on the top floor.


The English Market:

  • The meats from everywhere are amazing, so fresh and do not produce grease.
  • The breads are out of this world. On Saturdays, they have Challah (sooo good!) and please try fruit soda bread one day (I am not referring to the brown soda bread, although that is also wonderful).
  • You must try cheese from here at least once! Don’t be afraid to ask for samples.
  • You’re supporting local farmers and businesses!
  • The fruits are more expensive than at a grocery store, but worth it as they are produced locally.

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