Know Before You Go: Flight + Other Ireland Transit

Blog by Student Ambassador Sydney Burris 




  • I would highly recommend that students save themselves a few hundred dollars and fly into Dublin- which also gives them an opportunity to see the city.
  • From the airport, take a bus (or taxi, although this is more expensive) into the city, then walk through Dublin and enjoy the city!
  • When finished exploring and ready to head to Cork, walk to the train station or any Bus Eireann station.
  • I took a taxi from the train station (Kent station) in Cork to Victoria Lodge, my apartment complex that is a roughly 15 minute walk past UCC. The taxi was about 20 Euros…. I feel like getting a bus pass may be a better option, but the buses may not still be running depending on the hour. The walk to the bus station is about 10 minutes and very easy!


*Note: there are hundreds of taxis, so no matter where someone is or what time it is students can get to where they’re going.


It is really easy to get a train ticket, which are a bit cheaper online and cheaper as a student, so always buy the student ticket! After I bought my ticket I could get on the train at any hour, so that was convenient.


If you choose to explore Dublin…. I toured the Guinness Showroom, which was really neat! I suggest that people plan on spending some time here and that they do take their time. The showroom has the BEST view of Dublin! I also learned how to properly taste a Guinness, poured the perfect Guinness (which I then tasted!), and learned a lot- all for the ticket price. They also held my luggage for free!! There are several other hotels that will hold luggage for a small fee. I took mine with me for the most part so that I wouldn’t have to walk out of my way to go back and get my luggage. It wasn’t bad at all to take my luggage with me. The train station will not hold luggage, however, there is a hotel across the street that will for some fee.  The Rolling Donut has the best donuts you will eat in Ireland. Also, Temple Bar is quite popular. Dublin is really pretty to see at night, especially when you see the bridge light up at night. Trinity College is beautiful and you can see the Book of Kells here!



  • If you haven’t already booked your flight then it’s totally worth it to fly into Dublin, spend a day there, and take a bus or train to Cork!!!! You save so much by flying to Dublin and the train is really nice and not so expensive. The buses are pretty nice too, and can be only €10 if you book your trip soon. This way you get to see more of Ireland right off the bat.
  • Go to the Dublin Guinness Storehouse
  • Try The Rolling Donut
  • Check out Trinity College & the Book of Kells



Transportation Options


The bus station is roughly a 30 minute walk from most student accommodation. The bus station is in the city center and the exact distance depends on where you’re living. The walk to and from the station is very safe and basically a straight line.


  1. Bus Eireann is known to run a bit behind schedule, so be prepared! This typically applies to buses going through Cork, but at the bus station they typically remain on time. This is the largest bus system in Ireland and offers the best selection of travel times. Check departure times at


  1. Air Coach is a nicer bus system, but tickets tend to be slightly more expensive


  1. City Link. It’s always nice to check out! I took this from Galway to Cork- it’s so much cheaper to use this service for round trips



The train station is just on the outskirt of the city and takes 5 more minutes to walk to from the bus station, so roughly 35 minutes from the campus area. It’s also a super easy walk. The train is spacious, super comfy, you get a table, WiFi, and can charge your phone. Definitely my preferred transportation! (Unless you’re going to/from Dublin Airport) then you have to take a bus from Dublin Station to the Dublin Airport. Buy the tickets online and ahead of time to get the best price! You can always check the departure times on



You will and should walk nearly everywhere. It’s cheap and good for your health and you won’t be the only one walking. You get used to it quickly!



The usefulness of this really depends on where you’re living and how often you plan to travel. I didn’t get one, but I only took the bus when I went outside of Cork and a couple times payed a tour company to take me (ex: Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, and Dingle Peninsula- in these cases a Leapcard will not be useful). Overall it probably would’ve saved me a small amount of money. You get these from the Student Union in the university and they cost €5.



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