Student Ambassador Sydney Burris shares her “Cork Coffee Guide” with us!

Cork Coffee Guide

by: Sydney Burris, University of Cincinnati- Lindner College of Business

*top three favourites






Order: Flat white + DESSERT!

A great assortment of coffees and teas. They have the craziest desserts all made in house. I am not a cake person, but theirs are moist and condensed, more so like a sweet bread/coffee cake. They have a strange version of a carrot cake that is absolutely outstanding. A perfect place to study and located right down the street from Elizabeth Fort, which is a cool (and free) sight worth visiting!






Café Depeche*

Order: Any latte (to your preferred taste)!

Great place to socialize and read! Not a great place to study because they don’t have Wi-Fi. Their lattes are fantastic though, and they offer an assortment of sandwiches and sweets.



Cork Coffee Roaster’s

Order: Americano

Simple place, nice pastries, great interior, and friendly service.





Order: Caramel latte (when gingerbread is in season, add a pump of it too- heaven!)

Quaint little place, pleasant, and relaxing design. A great place to study, create art, enjoy company, or spend alone time. Conveniently located right behind UCC (closest to the O’ Rahilly Building- ORB). Plays nice music, esthetically pleasing, and offers free Wi-Fi.





Eco Café

Order: Flat White

You get a free chocolate with every hot drink! Open 24/7 and offers free Wi-Fi! Also offers ice cream, pastries, and a large assortment of teas. Recommend coming here while you’re waiting for immigration (especially if you need a restroom)! Their tiramisu is lovely, and this is probably the only place you’ll find it in town!




Order: Try the hot chocolate- made with delicious chocolates (white, milk, and dark) straight from Belgium. You definitely taste the difference with hot cocoa made from real chocolate versus powder.

Great venue, large space, good for socializing or swinging by on your way to/from the city. Their bar is beautiful and accented with copper. Kino doubles as a music venue and is set to open as a dance club in the upcoming months. All around nice café! This is the most up and coming place in Cork.



O’ Conaill Chocolate

Order: Hot cocoa. This is what they’re famous for! Definitely add a flavor to take your hot chocolate to the next level. My favourite- Dark chocolate + almond oil!!

There are two locations in Cork, on either side of the city, and they frequently have a food truck on campus and at local markets. You can also purchase their chocolate and take home hot cocoa at the English Market.



Priority Coffee

Order: Latte

The yellow makes it stand out. In Cork, this is a more modern design for a coffee shop. The inside is quite tiny and typically has a cute quote up, but I preferred the outdoor seating! At the same time every day the man that lives across the street opens his window and feeds the birds- it’s pretty cool and unique to watch the birds flock to the window.






Order: Cappuccino. Try the spinach benedict or French toast if hungry!

This is more of a dining establishment, it’s a sweet place to meet a friend for brunch and hang out. Although they stay open through dinner, I enjoyed it as a nice brunch stop (honestly probably largely because they offer more than just an Irish Breakfast).

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