Fulbright Reflection Series: Cody Jarman on “How to Create a Successful Fulbright Application”

The most important quality that a Fulbright application can have is specificity. This works in two ways; you want to present a clear and specific picture of yourself that transcends your résumé, your GPA, or even your career goals, and gets to who you are as an individual. It needs to let your reader know what about your life has led you to apply for this award. You also want to make it clear why you need this Fulbright fellowship. Why do you need to do work at University College Cork? What about Cork as a city will play a role in your Fulbright experience? In particular, it is also important to remember that the Fulbright is not all about you. Suggest ways you want to get involved with your host community.

I really cannot recommend the Fulbright to UCC’s Irish Writing and Film MA enough. The program gave me a unique opportunity to spend a year immersed in Irish culture as well as my pursuing my specific research interests. The Irish Fulbright Commission provides a supportive network for anyone who might be nervous about spending a year abroad, and Cork is a comfortable and welcoming city with an exciting cultural life. Just as importantly, UCC’s MA in Irish Writing and Film is a well-paced programme, encouraging students to explore new ideas with thought-provoking coursework, while still providing ample time and structure for student’s to develop their own research goals.

-Cody Jarman, UCC Irish Writing and Film MA 

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