A Glimpse at Our History: Ambassador Devon McGrath on the MA in History

1. Can you describe, in your own words, your interest in and experience of applying for and undertaking a course of study for the MA in History programme at UCC:
– What subject matter are you studying that most interests you and why?

– How do you think the MA will affect or help your subsequent career choice and path?
I became interested in the MA – History programme at UCC when I studied abroad in the spring of 2016. During my time here I was impressed with the professors I encountered in my undergraduate courses and I enjoyed learning topics in history that were not available to me in my undergraduate coursework back home. My interests in history have always focused around Irish history, and I chose to write my undergraduate thesis on a topic in Irish media history. After finishing my thesis I was driven to learn more about Irish media and the role it played in the lives of the Irish people in the last century. I was delighted to find that UCC was offering a MA in History with an emphasis in Broadcast Media. I felt that the programme would be a wonderful fit for me as I wished to continue to combine my two interests (Irish History and Communication) at a higher academic level. Since coming here I have been immersed in Irish history and have begun working in a local media outlet which has given me insight on the role media plays in the lives of the Irish people today. Overall this experience has been highly rewarding and enlightening. I look forward to the rest of the year!
2. Do you feel your experience at UCC is giving you a Masters that matters? If so, why? What unusual characteristics does the School of History, UCC, and its staff possess that ensures it is a worthwhile place to study at?
My motivations for doing a Masters at UCC were centered around my desire to understand the Irish history on a deeper level. While being here I have been overjoyed to find I am challenged on a daily basis to comprehend ideas and historical movements through primary source research and interesting lectures. Through my experience here I believe I will be educated in a way that provides me with practical skills for a future career, and in a way that gives me a comprehensive view of modern Irish history. My professors here all demonstrate their passion for their areas of expertise and their knowledge through their own research and public involvement outside of the classroom.
Devon McGrath

My name is Devon McGrath. I am from St.Paul, Minnesota, USA, but I studied in Kenosha, Wisconsin  at Carthage College  where I earned a BA in History and Communication in 2017. 


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