On Self-Care

Introducing a new month-long blog series by UCC US Postgraduate Student Ambassador Kate Brock!


Self-care feels like a throw-away phrase sometimes. It’s a dirty word that people say when they condemn their personal work ethic or accomplishments, finding themselves unworthy of rest and attention. We feel guilty for taking a break or considering how we live. If we make changes, how will that affect the pattern we’ve set out? If we give ourselves time to recharge, how will people judge us?

When we leave home to pursue other occupations or further education abroad, there tend be some side effects to the move. Whether or not we are excited and ready for the change, we still face issues with culture shock, the side effects of which can be disorienting and frustrating. While everyone does not experience this upon their adventures, some of us struggle to break free of whatever fears and constraints corner us into believing that we have nothing to rise for each morning, doing so begrudgingly and out of necessity but not joy or drive. For those who also struggle with depression, anxiety, and the voices inside their heads, this series is meant to analyze first how we treat ourselves and then to show how we can revive our lives through the lens of a young woman studying her masters abroad.

Join Kate as she takes us all on a journey of self-care while abroad over the next few weeks!

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