Student Voices: Spotlight Module- Irish Film History

Students in Dr. Finola Doyle O’Neill’s “Irish Film History” module, share their experiences with the UCC International Students Blog!


My name is Samantha Melby and I’m from Manhattan, Kansas. My home university is Kansas State University and this is my final year for my Bachelor’s degree. I’m in Dr. Finola Doyle O’Neill’s Irish Film History class and I am loving it. Right now, it is my favorite class, because not only am I enjoying the films, but I am also learning so much about the history and culture of Ireland (especially Irish Catholic culture, which is what I had hoped when I came to Ireland). I’ve already learned so much that I never would have known without coming here […]

Samantha Melby, Kansas State University

Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a sophomore nursing student at Loyola University Chicago. I knew very little about Irish history when I first arrived here, however, Irish Film History with Dr. Finola Doyle O’Neill, is the perfect module for beginners. As a visual learner, the historic films provide an easy understanding of historic knowledge and Irish culture in a unique and interesting way.

– Kristen Gasperoni, Loyola University Chicago

My name is Rachel Charbonnet, and I am in Dr. Finola Doyle O’Neill’s Irish Film History lecture. I study at the University of San Diego in California. The history department at UCC has been accommodating to my unique scheduling needs, and the module is structured so that non-natives are able to keep up with the history of a foreign place. Taking this class has already helped me to understand early Irish culture while I’m submersed in its modern culture.

– Rachel Charbonnet, University of San Diego


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