“A Taste of Cork”- UCC Student Ambassador Maura Dalianis

Maura 1If you’re anything like me, you love food. You wake up already thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner, and you go to bed dreaming about breakfast. While in Cork, I knew that I was mostly going to be making my own meals as there are no dining plans at UCC and I would be living in an off campus apartment. I also knew that I wanted to try as many different restaurants as possible during my time there. So, every Tuesday night my friend and I would try a different restaurant on our way home from class. Over the course of the semester, we found a few gems that quickly became our favorites, and that we’ve been missing ever since we left. From burgers to burritos to pizza, Cork has a little bit of everything. So here are just a few of my favorite places.

The first restaurant I went to in Cork was Amicus (Paul St.). My cousin and her family brought me there on my first full day in Ireland, and I fell in love. I’m not exactly a salad person, but the one I ate that day was phenomenal (Chicken & Bacon Salad). I went back again later in the semester and the food was as good as I had remembered it.

If you love burgers as much as I do, you need to head to Son of a Bun at 29 MacCurtain St. Recently celebrating their first year open, Son of a Bun is a hip restaurant that is always busy (but I promise, the wait is absolutely worth it). The burgers here require both hands because they’re heaping with toppings (You’re going to make a mess trying to eat). The skinny fries are fantastic as is the mac’n’cheese side. Be warned, the milkshakes are huge so you could definitely split one among friends. Besides their normal offerings (such as the S.O.B. burger), Son of a Bun makes a unique burger each month that is only available for that month. We loved Son of a Bun so much that we kept going back, I think we went 3 or 4 times.

Maura 2Another spot for good burgers is Wetherspoons’ Linen Weaver on Paul St. From the BBQ Hog Burger (pulled pork on top of a beef burger) to the Brunch Burger (egg and bacon on top of a beef burger), Linen Weaver has some great options. My favorite part is that for only a few euros more, you can add a pint or glass of wine to your order. Linen Weaver has other offerings as well such as salads, pastas, and other pub sorts of foods.

In the mood for some mouthwatering BBQ? Look no farther than White Rabbit Bar & BBQ at 56 MacCurtain St. My cousin’s husband recommended it (and he’s a Cork local, born and raised), and it was by far one of the best BBQ meals I have ever had (Which says a lot since my sister lived in Texas for 7 years and every time we visited her we had to go out for authentic Texan BBQ). I highly recommend the Pulled Pork sandwich, it is absolutely phenomenal. The serving is huge, and the pulled pork is crunchy but still moist. As for sides, White Rabbit has classics such as corn on the cob, potato salad and mac’n’cheese, and they’re all great. Being a bar, White Rabbit also has a pretty great drink selection. So it’s the perfect place to get BBQ and a brew.

If you’re looking for delicious Fish & Chips, The Fish Wife on MacCurtain St. is the place to go. I am a little biased as this is the first place that I ever tried Fish & Chips, but I promise you, it was great. The Fish Wife is a tiny location with just the counter to order, and then a small counter on the side to sit and eat. You can choose between Haddock, Cod and other fish, all served with mushy peas, tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.

Maura 3At my college, we typically order wings or calzones after a night out. In Cork, we got Kebabs (and I am not talking about meat on skewers). Kebabs (pronounced with an ab sound) are similar to Gyros, but are not quite the same. They’re inexplicably delicious and I need them to come to the states because my nights out just haven’t been the same since. My two favorite places in Cork were Ali Baba (23 Washington St) and Istanbul (75 Oliver Plunkett St). I personally loved Istanbul because you could get a typical Kebab wrap but you could also forgo the wrap and get the kebab over French fries instead. Everyone that I know who studied abroad in Europe came home raving about kebabs, so I highly recommend trying one.

A few other places to check out are Captain America’s (4 S Main St), The Farmgate Café (in English market), Market Lane (5/6 Oliver Plunkett St), Burritos & Blues (Paul St), Milano (8 Oliver Plunkett St), and The Oliver Plunkett (Oliver Plunkett St). Cork has a lot to offer, so explore and enjoy!


About Me: I’m Maura Dalianis, and I studied at UCC this past Spring (2016). I am currently a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The best part of studying abroad was meeting people who would become my close friends and getting to explore a new country.




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