Student Voices: Alison Harriot- History of Art


Alison Harriot, University of Oregon

Visiting US Student, Academic Year 2015-2016, Department of History of Art, University College Cork, Ireland

History of Art, UCC  courses taken:
HA2003 Modernism in Europe,
HA2009 Creator and Subject: Themes in Portraiture,
HA2005 Art & Patronage in Renaissance Italy 1300-1499
HA2013 Representations
‘My experience in the Department of History of Art as an international student at UCC was by far the best year of my education. I gained a greater perspective of the world and other cultures, while also establishing a new found love for art history. The lecturers I had over the course of my year abroad were the best instructors I have ever had since beginning University. They taught each subject with such passion, it was inspirational.’
‘It is hard to put into words how rewarding my time studying Art History at UCC was, it changed my perspective and my life for the better. I look at art and the world differently now. Many thanks to all who I was grateful enough to be taught by.’
‘My studies in the Department of Art History at UCC changed my world views, and my interest in art history. I am very pleased that I decided to take art history courses abroad, because I do not believe I would have received the same amount of passion and knowledge as I did at UCC.’
‘Thank you UCC, Cork, and Ireland for allowing me to spend a year growing and learning among your beautiful people and landscape. I could not have dreamed of a better year if I tried. I love you Ireland!’

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