Slainte from Andy Steves & the team at Weekend Student Adventures!

Josep M Rovirosa

Friends having fun in Barcelona

Hello soon-to-be Corkers!

As you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime this upcoming semester at the beautiful UCC, I wanted to pass on my own best wishes for an amazing experience abroad in one of my favorite countries on the planet. By the end of your time at UCC, you’ll know how to tap your foot along to the best trad in town, you won’t think twice about asking how the craic is, you’ll know exactly how to use the term ‘wanker‘ and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to understand the lilting Cork accent, boi.

As you enjoy your adventures around the Emerald Isle and turn your attention to more far flung places on the mainland like Rome, Amsterdam and Prague definitely take a look at our weekend and weeklong break trips available at! We’ve got some exciting adventures lined up like caving expeditions and bath parties in Budapest, tapas crawls in Barcelona, vodka tasting in Krakow and so much more! WSA trips are available both with a fun, young, local guide or as a DIY package which includes accommodation and your key sightseeing, and you connect the dots at your own pace–we call these bad boys ‘WSA Detours‘.

Besides our trips, we’ve got:
– Free trip giveaways on our Facebook throughout the semester
– Loads of fun highlight reels and tutorials on finding cheap flights and great hostels on our Youtube Channel
– A ton of free resources on our website so you can wrap your mind around budgeting, and how to get around the continent
– Eye candy for days on our Instagram
Cultural Bridge $500 Study Abroad Scholarship
– And Internship opportunities (both stateside and while abroad)!

WSA’s founder & CEO, Andy Steves also has a new guidebook out designed specifically for students abroad in Europe launched this summer. He packed it out with all the budget travel tips he learned from his travel guru father, Rick Steves and layered on his own insights into mobile tech and modern backpacking. Check out Andy Steves Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget here!

Be sure to look out for WSA’s study abroad workshop at UCC to be scheduled just after the official orientation events, around September 6th/7th! We’ll be going over a ton of practical, student-oriented tips to help you make the most of your time and money while abroad. Get in touch with us at for any questions you may have throughout the semester!

Le meas,
Andy Steves & the team at WSA Europe
425 320 9303


The Leaning Tower of Pisa


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