Iowa State Students Reflect on Time at UCC!

It has recently come to this blog’s attention that study abroad students at Iowa State University are given the opportunity to blog about their adventures abroad! The blog is an amazing resource for students researching a semester abroad and deciding what country to call their “home away from home”.

The UCC International Students Blog is thrilled to feature two bloggers: current UCC International Students Arianna Bohning and Eric Hibner. To learn a little more about our featured bloggers and check out their posts from their time in Cork, Ireland, please continue reading below!


Name: Arianna Bohning

Major: Music and International Studies

Arianna 2A bit about Arianna: “I’m 21 years old and from Seward, Nebraska. I go to school at Iowa State and I study music and international studies. [This semester I have] the lucky opportunity to study abroad in Ireland at UCC which is what brought about this blog! […] I play the oboe and piano and have been studying them for 8 and 12 years respectively. I am very interested in music and culture, and hope to someday find a career in the field of ethnomusicology […] My favorite food is popcorn and basically any other unhealthy American food…and I love a good laugh.”


Read Arianna’s Blog




Name: Eric Hibner

Major: Chemical Engineering

Eric Guiness_SoloA bit about Eric: “Hello! My name is Eric Hibner and I am a 3rd year student studying chemical engineering at UCC for the spring semester of 2016.  I am from Iowa State University, and traveling is a new lifestyle I’m taking on.  I am an enthusiast for skiing, hiking, camping, and education.”

Read Eric’s Blog


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