What students are saying about the UCC MA in Gaelic Literature Program

Rock of Cashel

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that University College Cork is now offering a new MA in Gaelic Literature- an online, one-year MA program that focuses on Gaelic Literature as a living, breathing, historic, and cultural art-form.

For more detailed information about this new program, please see our original blog here: “At UCC, Irish Language and Literature is Just a “Mouse Click” Away!”

Old Irish Writing

This said, today’s blog isn’t about what we have to say about the program, it’s about what our students have to say. Please read on to discover what students of the MA in Gaelic Literature think about the new program!

“I’m really enjoying the course and the course materials.  It’s exactly what I wanted to study.” (Siobain, Italy)

“For people with . . . reduced abilities, I would call this program very accessible.” (Johanna, California, USA)

“I’m enjoying the course immensely and am finding it fascinating, stimulating and hugely enjoyable. The discussion boards and online delivery are working very well and I’m finding the interaction with my fellow students hugely beneficial.” (Barry, Leeds, U.K.)

“No one else offers a programme like this online. UCC offering this programme has allowed me to finally pursue a decade-old dream and to make that dream a reality . . . It is a fantastic course, of which I am proud to be a part.” (Falicia, Florida, USA)


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