Hiya! What’s the craic?

IMG_7643My name’s Elena Montes (but call me Ellie), and I am a student ambassador for international students here at University College Cork. I thought I’d write up a little update for those wondering where I’ve been or those who have no idea who I am!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all my old posts – I was on quite a roll this summer, so there’s plenty to catch up on.

This semester’s been picking up speed, hence my sad absence recently. But I can promise more posts coming soon!

For those who simply can’t wait, you can read more of my posts over on my personal website. These are a bit of a different read than you’re used to on this blog: they delve into my deepest thoughts and emotions in this turbulent whirlwind of a journey.

A sneak peek of what’s coming soon to this page…

  1. An Irish Thanksgiving
  2. Winter is Coming
  3. A Recap of Semester One: Lessons Learned

Thank you so much for the read!

Best wishes to everyone out there.

Ellie x


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