Happy students, exciting awards, & other University College Cork news updates from North American Officer, Caela Provost

Wait, StudyPortals  announced that Irish universities have the happiest students, and you haven’t read the article yet???

HarryPotter-ShockNo worries, we’ve got you covered!


In case you missed the buzz during the last few weeks, besides the UK’s The Independent naming Ireland, and UCC, among the best places for cultivating student happiness abroad (see UCC’s press release here), UCC and Cork City have also been honored with the following titles:

-UCC was named The Sunday Times 2016 University of the Year



-Cork City is to receive a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Learning City Award


Adding these awards to UCC’s already impressive list:

-Ireland’s first five star university

-Second in the UI World GreenMetric University Rankings

-Ranked in the top 2% of the World University rankings

…well, let’s just say it’s no wonder that this US native is a UCC/Cork fan.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting our International Students Blog, and stay tuned for more UCC news, blogs, and academic/course information from UCC staff, faculty, and students!

Caela Provost, UCC North American Officer

(and proud member of the UCC Harry Potter Society Ravenclaw House)

US Rep Photo

Information Credit To the Following:


University College Cork




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