At UCC, Irish Language and Literature is Just a “Mouse Click” Away!

A new online MA in Gaelic Literature was launched this year by University College Cork’s Department of Modern Irish!

Old Irish WritingThis one-year, distance-learning Masters degree aims to provide students with an in-depth introduction to the writers and texts who, through a period of over 1200 years, created a literature of incredible variety. The course is taught through English, and knowledge of the Irish language is not required. An optional module (class) on Irish Language for Beginners is available for anyone who wants to learn the language.

Students who pursue a MA in Gaelic Literature are required to choose six taught modules (classes) and complete a minor dissertation of between 12,000 and 15,000 words. The modules encompass a wide range of subjects, from Irish language for beginners, to the transmission of the literature through manuscript and oral tradition. A module entitled ‘The Social and Cultural History of the Irish Language’ deals with a history of the evolution of the language to the present day. Innovative courses on the international dimension of Gaelic Ireland and on the sense of place in Gaelic literature also feature. Additionally, there is an optional module that involves attendance in UCC at an ‘Intensive Workshop in Irish Poetry’ in the summer.Blaskets

The modules reflect the lengthy historic time-span involved in the production of Gaelic literature, and serve as reminders that this insular literature was outward-looking, assimilative, and influential. The recording of Gaelic literature began soon after the introduction of writing on the advent of Christianity in Ireland in the 5th century. Central to the transmission of this literature for many centuries was the manuscript or handmade-book. It was not until the twentieth century that the printed medium played a significant role. Today, writers of prose and poetry achieve prominence and recognition that is on a par with that gained by writers of the Anglo-Irish tradition.

Rock of CashelAll of the modules (classes) will be taught online, so that you can earn a degree without having to leave your home! For those who wish to come to UCC, however, the ‘Intensive Workshop in Irish Poetry’ is an optional face-to-face module in the summer. This workshop will involve classes on poetry, as well as interaction with contemporary writers.

The fees for the MA in Gaelic Literature are €4,800 for EU Students, and €7,000 for non-EU Students (EU students’ fees are government subsidised).

Assessment will involve a combination of essay assignments and the final dissertation, with moderated online activities such as discussion groups and responses to recommended readings.

As registered students of University College Cork, course participants will be entitled to all the electronic resources available through the library, as well as email accounts. All recommended readings will be made available electronically to students.


For further information please contact Professor Pádraig Ó Macháin (p.omachain@ucc.ie), or see http://www.ucc.ie/en/ckd13/. Application is online at www.pac.ie/ucc.


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