All Psyched up for Psychology?- MA in Applied Psychology at UCC

Are you interested in psychology in applied settings? Would you like to learn from clinical psychologists about the nature of their role and practice in adult and child mental health and community settings? Would you like to learn advanced research methods, gain knowledge about assessment, develop critical thinking skills, and gain relevant experience in the field of psychology? Then the Masters in Applied Psychology, University College Cork, might be a good choice for you. Former graduates have secured paid employment or they have used it as an important stepping stone to gain a place in a Doctoral program in areas including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, or a PhD by research.

The MAAP includes an option to undertake a research or practice placement in a community-based setting, thus gaining valuable real-world experience. Additionally, you will complete a research dissertation within one of our research groups: Resilience and Transition, Digital Futures, Psychological Measurement, or Successful and Sustainable Aging.Applied Psychology image

What our graduates have said about the course:

  • 92% of respondents noted that the MAAP programme had been useful for them in terms of securing further work
  • 46% of respondents have presented or published research work completed on the MAAP
  • 92% of respondents would recommend the MAAP programme to others.

Seamus O Byrne, Canadian International Student (2014)

I’ve always had a strong desire to study abroad, and my the choice to complete my masters here has been a great decision for me […] Access to staff and administrators here in the program has made my transition a relatively seamless one. There has never been a time when a question has not been clarified or answered as soon as possible, and I believe for international students coming to a new area, knowing that you have such a foundation and support system to draw upon is crucial to make you feel as if you are at home.

In terms of the practical nature of the course, if you are hoping to continue a career in psychology as I hope to do […] the MAAP has much to offer you. I have found the course to be extremely practical in increasing my knowledge […] my research skills, my presentation skills, my interview skills are just some of the areas that have really grown. It is my belief that these are essential skills if you’re hoping to have a career in a psychological setting […] and the course truly prepares you in this way.

Another major aspect of the course that has really been a formative experience for me has been the research aspect […] I myself was fortunate to have a research opportunity with the Health Service Executive here in Cork […] my own supervisor, Dr. Samantha Dockray, has provided really an invaluable level of support, guidance, and collaboration that has only served to increase my love of research […] I think that the six month placement opportunity that the course provides is really a unique experience that is extremely well-run with different psychological organizations within the area, and I think that this was really a massive draw for me coming from Canada.

Finally, aside from all of the previous points, I think what has been most important to me coming to UCC, to a new city, and to this particular program has been the level of community that I feel the MAAP program has fostered. I feel that there’s a certain degree of discussion and openness associated with all aspects of the program which has made me feel extremely comfortable to share ideas, my experiences, with both my peers and the staff [….]it has made me feel very much at home.” (see the video )

Lisa McCarthy, Ireland, MAAP Student 2013

“The MAAP was a highlight in my academic progression. The course was demanding in places, particularly the research dissertation. However, nothing easy is ever worth doing! I loved the course content, and found the academic and administrative staff to be very friendly, personable and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my year in Cork studying for the MAAP. It was a great learning experience. I would definitely recommend it to others.

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