UCC International Pre-Departure Blog Series: ICCC Week One- Irish Apple Crumble Cake


No-makeup, French-cheese-and-wine-apron glam.

This is the Irish Culture Crash Course. Welcome to Week One.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that each week until I begin traveling, I will be reading an Irish book, watching an Irish film, and cooking an Irish recipe, then writing all about it!

This week the recipe I made was Irish Apple Crumble Cake. Here’s how it went.


Ingredients: brown sugar, butter, flour, eggs, salt, cinnamon, baking powder, and apple. So simple!

In the past, I’ve often attempted to bake French macarons, which are notoriously difficult to perfect and extremely easy to ruin. So when I read this recipe and realized it needed no special techniques and simply involved mixing up a few ingredients, I was stoked to begin!


I used the trusty KitchenAid mixer that has been in my family since before my conception (no lie).

First I mixed the butter and brown sugar. The butter had almost melted from the intense heat it received from both the Texas weather and my notoriously warm hands.


Then I folded in the dry ingredients and added apple chunks.


And mashed up the crumble topping with my hands! So relaxing. SO exfoliating.


Look at that crumble (thanks for the photo, Mummy!)


It turned out amazingly!!! 5 stars from me. Simple. Delicious. Irish.

Enjoy the next morning with a mug of Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea.


Coming up later this week – reviews of The Commitments (the movie) and Dubliners (the book).

Thanks for reading! Comment below with a picture of your crumble cake (click here for the recipe) or tweet me @elenacathryn.

– Elena


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