UCC International Pre-Departure Blog Series: Coming Soon~ Irish Crash Culture Course (ICCC)

A travesty has occurred.

 My Netflix account has been renewed.

 In recognition of this failure to culture myself, I will now make a conscious decision to culture myself.

Over the coming weeks, in preparation for my move to Cork, I will create and “attend” an Irish Culture Crash Course. This will consist of a plethora of experiences within the bounds of my suburban Texas home, all compiled to get me even more hyped up to get to Ireland.

There will be three parts to this course. Click on each to see what online resource I’ll be taking most of my inspiration from.

  1. Literature
  2. Film
  3. Cuisine

Because, in an ideal life, all I would do is sit around reading books, watching movies, and whipping up delicious food. Hmm. Sounds a lot like what I’ve been doing all summer…

But now, it will be morphed into a lifestyle with a purpose!

Each week, I’ll read a new book, watch a new movie, and bake a new dish– all of these activities being inspired by Ireland. Irish authors, Irish directors, and Irish recipes.

I will then reflect on these experiences in up to three updates per week: likely blog posts for the literature and film sectors and possibly videos detailing how to cook (or completely mess up) the recipes I try.

This is all trial and error. We’ll see how it goes. If you want to get involved, I would love you to comment below with suggestions for books, films, and recipes I should try. Or tweet me @elenacathryn.

I would love you all to come on this journey with me, so at the end of each blog post, I will let you know what film, book, or recipe I’ll be attempting next, and you can join me in reading, watching, and cooking!

This week, I have chosen the following:



Dubliners by James Joyce. An absolute classic.


The Commitments (1991). Maria Doyle Kennedy. Need I say more?



Irish Apple Crumble Cake (recipe by Donal Skehan). Looks delicious!!

Get started on reading Dubliners or whip up some cake to enjoy while you watch The Commitments.

Thanks for reading!



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