UCC International Pre-Departure Blog Series: Left Behind (But Not Forgotten)


I recently posted a vlog concerning packing tips to go abroad. However, that video focused mainly on what to pack and less on what won’t be traveling with me to Ireland.

Here is everything I have to leave behind…

  1. My extensive collection of nail polish. Apparently, 30 small bottles of noxious chemicals are not allowed to board the plane with me, so I must leave the glitter at home.
  2. My bicycle. This sturdy investment that cost me $150 from Walmart (a little over half the value of my Dad’s first car – those were the days) will await my return. It might cost more to ship than it was worth in the first place, so I’ll have to go bike bargain-hunting when I arrive.
  3. My books. I have quite the skill of purchasing hoards of books at secondhand shops, only to leave them to collect dust until I find time to actually read them all. I would send a box over, but I’m sure I’ll fill my bookshelf with used hardbacks soon enough when I settle into Cork.
  4. My letters. I keep a shoebox of all the letters and cards I’ve ever received. The shoebox is a clever disguise, no? Nobody will be digging through old tales of elementary school crushes while I’m away…
  5. On a more sympathetic note, my friends. I have no doubt that my social skills will spring back into action when I’m in the company of a whole new group of people, but I will miss plenty of my friends while I’m away. Thankfully, the Internet and a relatively good global postal system will facilitate “catching up” through Skype* and old-timey letter writing, respectively.

Look forward to a video and blog next week concerning my plans for travel and what I’m most excited to see/hear/eat in Ireland.


* I’m not sponsored by Skype. But Skype, if you’re reading this, you could sponsor me. If you want. Just an idea. 😉


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