Happy Chinese New Year!

Although we are in UCC right now, far away from home, we Chinese students can still feel the lovely and cozy atmosphere of our Chinese New Year over here! You know, to our great delight, this week, UCC International Office held a fantastic party for our Chinese teachers and students in the beautifully decorated mini restaurant of our campus, making us feel at home when we were talking happily and heartily with our good friends and respectable teachers. And besides, our school also provided some delicious food, including finger food, cakes and minerals to make our party more enjoyable and comfortable. I have to say that the atmosphere was so great, with around 100 Chinese teachers and students joyfully joining in this party. It is well-known to us all that the Chinese New Year of 2015 (also called Yangnian) marks the end of the passing year and the beginning of a new lively and hopeful spring. According to our traditions, we family members usually get together on the New Year’s Eve (which falls on 18th Feb. this year) eating tuanyuanfan (gathering meal), chatting with our parents and texting our friends. The saying “Xi qing yang yang”, which sends blessings and happiness, is what we use when sending best wishes to others. Although it is a little bit different for me to celebrate the Spring Festival abroad, I can still experience lots of pleasure and happiness, combined with the great Irish culture and friendliness of our teachers and friends. The staff in UCC are really doing a good job. They are so nice. Thank you so much! Happy New Year! Xin nian kuai le!

Guoqing Zou a visiting Arts student from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, China

Chinese New Year Celebrations with International Office

Our visiting scholars from Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics preparing for Chinese New Year


The Dumplings

The Feast

The Feast



Chinese New Year with the International Office and Confucius Institute

IMG_7299   IMG_7305 IMG_7307 IMG_7310 IMG_7313 IMG_7315 IMG_7318


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