Gaelic Literature for the Modern Learner!


Looking to study Gaelic Literature in Ireland at the graduate/postgraduate level, but finding the “across the ocean commute” too much? Fear no more, because the UCC International Blog has just the program for you: the new MA in Gaelic Literature course at University College Cork! This one year, online course (with a blended workshop option) is perfect for today’s modern learner!

Here are some “fast facts” about this amazing new program:

Title: MA in Gaelic Literature (Online Course)

Type: Online (with a blended poetry workshop option)

Duration: 1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time)

GPA Requirement: 3.2/ Second Class Honors (to be looked at in conjunction with a solid personal statement) 

Cost: €7,000 (approximately $8,000) for Non-EU students, 4,800 for EU students

Next Class Intake: September 2015

Platform: Blackboard

Webpage: http://www.ucc.ie/en/ckd13/ 

How do I apply?  Simply fill out an application on www.pac.ie/ucc!

Thesis Included? Yes.

What Areas Will The Degree Cover? The MA in Gaelic Literature will include classes in the Irish language, literature, history, place/geography, and international impact.  

Are the Classes Taught in English? Yes!  

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

Professor Pádraig Ó Macháin, Department of Modern Irish – p.omachain@ucc.ie

Ms. Siobhan Ni Dhonghaile- snid@ucc.ie


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