Study Abroad Law options at UCC

University College Cork (UCC) is delighted to announce that we will now be offering study abroad students Law options. The Faculty of Law at University College Cork is one of the Top 100 Law Schools in the world (QS Subject Rankings 2014).

Studying Law at UCC is a dynamic and exciting experience. Students endeavour to learn about all aspects of law.The Faculty has many expert and committed lecturers and excellent facilities such as dedicated teaching venues and a Moot Court. The Faculty of Law is committed to excellence in the teaching of law. This is a great opportunity for students of Pre-Law in US institutions to take on Law classes as the core part of their study abroad programme. The Law Society represents the students of the Law Faculty and is a great way to get involved in student led Law activities.

List of modules available:

Introduction to the Irish Legal System (LW1108)

Introduction to Business Law (LW1109)

Foundations of the Irish Legal System (LW1104)

Constitutional and Institutional Law of the European Union (LW2100)

Economic Law of the European Union (LW2102)

Constitutional Law: Fundamental Rights (LW1161)

Constitutional Law: Institutions of Government (LW1162)

Principles of Public International Law (LW1110)

Please check out our book of modules (module is a class within a programme) to find out what else you can study during your semester or year at UCC.

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