Student words to describe UCC

Blog by Luiza Reis


Words students use to describe their one year study abroad experience in UCC, Ireland.

Words students use to describe their one year study abroad experience in UCC, Ireland. Drawing by Luiza Reis


Academic experience

As a student in UCC, I had the opportunity to attend classes in Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES). I must say that I have a totally renewed perspective on the surrounding environment of Irish wildlife. I learned that reading articles is a main prerequisite in obtaining a sample view of what you are studying and doing this certainly enhances your critical thinking and your self-perspective as an individual and citizen in a given society. The first Brazilian students at BEES were very lucky as one lecturer speaks Portuguese! During our first days in Ireland, we couldn’t believe when we heard someone speaking Portuguese to us and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the patience, help and attention that Dr. Padraig Whelan gave to us.

As a student, leaving my beautiful UCC in a few days, I would say that this university was the basis of my life here in Ireland. From the support and attention of the International Office to all the societies and clubs, I have never felt alone or disappointed.

Language and making the most of this opportunity

At the start of the term, I felt a little anxiety. I remember I was so curious and nervous at the same time, but in the end everything became normal and I’ve survived. The Irish accent in the classes was also a main concern for me, but fortunately after the first week, understanding became easier. Living with Irish flatmates also helps. Thus, my advice to students coming to UCC in 2014/2015 is to please, always when possible, really get involved in this new journey. By getting involved I mean, besides always studying hard, having fun and being open to a new place different from your comfort zone.

The image above is a drawing of the words my fellow students and I use to describe UCC. For me the experience is eternal. As you can see it was a brilliant experience for many others also!

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