Why come to a UCC fair and fair preparation for students

UCC Alumni Magazine

UCC  is extremely excited to be in Chicago, Boston, Belo Horizonte and Florianópolis next month. We’d love to see as many incoming and prospective students as possible at these events. We can answer questions from students interested in undergraduate, study abroad and postgraduate programmes. However, before we do so, we are asking ourselves “what will students get out of these events?” Here are some ideas on what you should get from a fair and what preparation students should undertake before visiting a fair.

Why visit a UCC fair?

– Meet UCC staff in person and get a real feel for the university, staff, ethos and personality of UCC. Asking questions in person can be much quicker than corresponding by email and phone and it can be more reassuring to have questions answered by a human being.

– Visiting a UCC fair in your home country will give you better insight into the university, without  actually visiting UCC. It may confirm your decision to register at UCC and could save you the cost of travelling to UCC pre-registration for a campus tour.

– Find out something you didn’t know. You may think you know all the information available by searching online but many visitors to a UCC fair may end up deciding on a different programme or to live in a different housing complex. Visiting a fair is a great way to uncover some new information.

What to do before going to a UCC fair

Write down a list of questions. In all the excitement of college fairs and freebies, students can at times forget the most important questions that they set out to get answers for! So make sure to write down all your questions before leaving home.

Contact the university representative before the fair if you need any extra brochures or specific information. This is a great opportunity for students to finalise their decision, so make sure to contact us and request any information you can’t find and we’ll bring it to the fair. Brochures, fee schedules, special services on campus and sports information are some of the extra items we’re asked for on a regular basis.

Set up a specific email account for college information. Make sure you have your email address ready to give out correctly.

Be curious! Come to the fair with lots of questions and really dive into asking for UCC information on your hobbies, lifestyle and academia so that you are sure UCC is the right place to study and Cork is the right place to live for you!





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