UCC Speech and Language Therapy

Students who come to UCC to study speech and language therapy will gain a professional clinical qualification for a rewarding future career. Students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to embark on a career that will improve the lives of children and adults with communication disorders or swallowing difficulties. Both the programme and its graduates are highly regarded nationally by the professional body and internationally. As a result, UCC graduates have had opportunity to work as speech and language therapists abroad as well as in Ireland.

The BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy course is broad and varied. Students study behavioural science, anatomy, physiology, linguistics and speech science as well as speech and language therapy theory, assessment and treatment approaches. Over the four years of the course, students gain specialist knowledge as well as general skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamworking. There is a strong emphasis on using the most recent scientific evidence to underpin clinical practice.

Annual intake to the programme is around 25 students. Most learning on the course takes place in small-group tutorials and students are well supported in their clinical and academic work by tutors and lecturers. Students have many opportunities for clinical work experience (practice education) in UCC’s in-house speech and language therapy clinic and further afield in hospitals, schools, community care, and disability services.

The course is based in the new Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. Its location also allows students to have opportunities for multidisciplinary learning and clinical work. As well as providing a first class learning experience, there is a high (95%) success rate on the BSc (Hons) speech and language therapy course.

We welcome international students on to the programme and believe that the features outlined above provide students with an excellent university experience as well as a professionally recognized clinical qualification.


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