Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: You can’t guarantee that all your ideas and opinions will be the same for the rest of your life


by Luiza Reis

“Can you still believe that we are studying here?!”, asked my friend while we were going to the classroom. I replied “now I do… but it still seems like a dream!”. I didn’t reply too quickly as a whole film of my time here passed through my mind, from the moment I was applying to study in Ireland until the goodbye to all my family and friends in Brazil.

It is hard to express in words what I really think about Cork and about my favourite places here. Every time I read or think about the word “Cork”, I can think of nothing else, other than a place  around which my heart beats with kindness, proud, affection and… I must say, melancholy as well.

Melancholy because as the time passes or, better Irish saying, “flies”, and the return ticket to home gets closer and closer, all I can think is that I wish there could be some way to slow down the clock. Of course there are moments that I’m a little bit homesick, but I consider that as a normal process of growing up and preparing yourself to be a more independent person, with an open mind to different aspects, traditions and ideas.

Living life is like being an ambulant metamorphosis, as one Brazilian singer once said. You can’t guarantee that all your ideas and opinions will be the same for the rest of your life. Maybe concepts that you have always been nourishing will come to a head where they will be questioned, where they will suffer small or dramatic changes. However, it is okay to change them, and actually, this is pretty normal. It reminds me of when I’m walking into UCC campus and I see one of the signs “Great minds don’t think alike”.

In my opinion it means that having a great mind is not a result of something you’ve already done or from concepts that are already developed. A great mind, actually, might be the result of unique and varied backgrounds, different and individual experiences, and those little details make all the difference in the art of “carving” a great mind! I believe that if everybody thought in the same way, life would have no fun, and being at UCC provides me with inspiration for a lot of creativity and passion for learning, as well as being a proud part of the campus.

Sometimes the campus is really sunny and suddenly the rain comes for a couple of minutes, but then a rainbow comes out to steal smiles and makes the day even more beautiful. Being in Cork is always astonishing and I am consistently surrounded by the unexpected! Maybe in a few years I will change my opinion about a lot of things and ideas. However, studying at University College Cork is, and will always be, one of the happiest times of my life. It is a dream that came true!



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  1. It’s true, difference is the difference that makes all the difference. A “great mind”, like a great idea, is usually the result of a collaboration with others people. As Walt Disney once said: “I am the sum total of everyone I have ever met.” As well as our encounters with others, we can also touched, and changed, by significant places and experiences. You are fortunate, indeed, to be able to spend time in such a beautiful place, and with such wonderful people. It sounds like you appreciate the opportunity you have been given and understand how lucky you are (and how lucky others are to have met you!). All the best (from a Canadian/New Zealander who has also been lucky enough to have visited Ireland).


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