When it comes to talking about two different countries, people are always unsure about the main differences and similarities between them. Brazilian people are usually interested in getting to know new societies and places because of their huge heterogeneity, which makes Republic of Ireland and its peculiarities very interesting to Brazilians.

One obvious difference between both countries is the geography. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country, both in terms of geographical area and population, while Ireland is ranked  117th by area and 124th by population. Another contrast between both places is the weather. Whereas the climate in Brazil is mostly tropical and the average temperature is 25°C, the temperate climate in Ireland has a lower temperature average, around 10°C. Other areas of difference between the countries are ethnical and cultural. Besides Ireland’s internal differences, Brazil is much more heterogeneous. The reason for that is the history of the country itself.

In spite of these differences, both countries have many aspects in common. The people of both countries are always warm and friendly, providing a welcoming place for foreign visitors. The societies are not very different when it comes to religion either. Both are catholic nations and celebrating their patron saints is a common cultural tradition. For example, in Brazil there is a huge party every June for Saint John, just as Irish people do for Saint Patrick in March. Talking about festivals brings up another similarity, the passion for beer. Both are ranked in the world’s 20 top beer drinking nations.

Although the two nations differ in many areas such as geographical, population and the weather, it doesn’t prevent the people from being really similar. These shared experiences contribute to the mutual interest the two countries have in each other, hopefully this relationship will keep growing in the future.

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