How to deal with the cold – GET ACTIVE!!


By Marcela  Farias

Everyone knows the importance of getting active but there are a lot of people that don’t put that into practise.

For me and all the international students from Brasil it is really difficult to get active especially when it is really cold and all you want to do is stay on in your warm bed. But we have to make positive changes to our daily life, and one really positive change is going to the gym!

That’s why I will talk a little about Mardyke Arena, the wonderful gym that all of us that study in UCC have free access to.

Try to think about a sport or an activity that you would like to do. It is most likely that you can do it in the Mardyke. There you can practice a lot of sports like volleyball, soccer, basketball, judô and table tennis. You can also try something new, such as trampolining, climbing, dance and hot yoga.

I will describe briefly the ones I’ve already tried.


I’m not good at sports and I’m always worried “Will I  embarrass myself?”. But volleyball always ends up being fun. The coach is really nice and he divides the class into beginners (my case) and advanced, so you don’t have to worry if you are not an expert.


I have practised yoga before but not in a warm place. It is really relaxing and you sweat a lot. Don’t worry about your clothes, you wear normal clothes and don’t need any special gear and don’t worry if you are not very flexible. Take your time and do the exercises as you can.


Oh my God! This is exhausting!!! The first time I went to the advanced spinning class without knowing it was ADVANCED! It was really fun but I almost died! The teacher must have thought “this girl doesn’t understand what I’m saying”, because everything he asked me to do I ignored because I was so tired. So… its not a good idea to start in the advanced class!

But the ‘Begin to Step’ is perfect for those who are starting out! It is really fun and you lose a lot of calories.


For me this is the best dance class. It’s a mix of some  Latin rhythms and is really fun! It includes a lot of booty-shaking that makes everyone laugh and enjoy the party atmosphere in the class.


If you like a little of adventure this is your chance. There are climbing walls which are very fun but safe too. I’ve tried twice but I confess that I’m afraid of heights so it is not the perfect exercise for me.

And besides all of these activities there are huge rooms to work out in and have fun.

So there are no more excuses for not exercising.



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