Studying to improve real working life skills


By Kevin Singh from Malaysia

Hi, my name is Kevin. I am currently a University College Cork (UCC) Student Ambassador with Education in Ireland 2013/2014. It’s an honour to be selected as an ambassador.

I’m currently studying a Masters in Management and Marketing at UCC, Cork, Ireland. I’m from Malaysia and it’s my first time to travel and study in Europe. It’s like a whirlwind for me.

The course is mainly for managers and leaders specialising in the management of companies and marketing plus human resources too. By studying UCC modules in these areas I feel my professional skills have been brought up to higher level.

I always knew what a leader or a manager is, but deep down inside our hearts do we know how to be a great leader or manager?  This course helps with that question! During the first term we studied:

  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing and marketing communications
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Market research
  • People and organization
  • Contemporary issues in HRM.

During the next term, we will be studying:

  • Leadership and fellowship
  • Ethical management and marketing
  • Enterprise and innovation
  • Strategic thinking.

After our academic classes, we will take a work placement to enhance our abilities in the working environment.

With all of the modules mentioned above we can maximize our knowledge and blend all the new information together so we can lead companies in an improved and more productive way. We receive guidance on our work placement and on how to improve our resumes. This is really beneficial for everyone.

Besides that, all lecturers in Management and Marketing are really helpful and willing to spend time with students, especially offering advice regarding assignments. We can ask as many questions as we want. It’s hard doing assignments for the first time in English as it is not my first language and I come from Malaysia, yet the lectures are willing to assist me with my assignments personally. I feel very comfortable with the teaching staff and they all are very kind and helpful.

UCC also provides a huge number of clubs and societies. The UCC Sports Centre is one of a kind. Their sports facilities are well-equipped and the staff provide a great service. Plus it’s free for all UCC Students. It’s really good!

The course will give me a much better understanding of my job and will benefit me in reality when I return to work and leave student life behind once more. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  🙂


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