Review of study abroad experience, 4 months in….



At the beginning, I thought it would be extremely difficult for me to study away from my friends and people I love. I can remember my first day at UCC. I did not sleep the previous night just reflecting about how amazing that new experience would be. Thinking about it all made me feel extremely nervous. When I arrived for the first time at the Civil Engineering Building I had no idea where my first class was going to be. Fortunately, a student helped me and took me to my Water and Wastewater Treatment class. The first class shocked me. I could not understand what the professor said even considering that my English was not so bad. I did not talk with any other students. I felt uncomfortable there. Sincerely, I believed that things could not get better. I was wrong.

Now, three months later, I could not be more excited and thankful. I do not know how, but over time, I can understand all my professors. Being 100% concentrated, I can understand every single word. Making new friends used to be a big challenge for me, so, I got over my shyness and started to talk with the other students around me. When it comes to my English, it improves everyday. I cannot believe that a few days ago I succeeded in making a presentation in front of my whole class. That is surprising!

During the first semester I studied for my exams and spent a lot of time doing all my assignments. I am learning so much here by taking modules that are not available to me in Brazil. It is very interesting to realise that studying abroad at one of the most prestigious university’s in Ireland is providing me with much more than just academic benefits.

Every new experience shows me how wrong I was. Things could not be better and I am looking forward to the second semester of classes!

Merry Christmas!

See you all next year!

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