Wise words by student Felipe Santini


It is known that Cork City has lots to offer when it comes to student social life, but we always have to keep in mind our role as students in UCC and never forget our intensive exams and assignments.

Students have to learn how to organise their own time. We all have to be prepared for the huge amount of work our tutors give us during the academic year. It is important not to leave everything to the last minute, to avoid poor results as you won’t have enough time to complete your tasks as well as you can if you are rushing at the end.

Good time management means that it is possible to complete your studies successfully and also have some fun, after all, students deserve some free time to enjoy their hobbies.

Cork gives everyone the opportunity to get in touch with the real Irish social life. Hundreds of pubs, nightclubs, festivals, cinemas, restaurants etc. are available everyday, making life here the best option in Ireland! UCC encourages student life in lots of ways through its societies and clubs that are always available for students.

It is important that every student figures out their own way to conciliate university and social life, leaving students without regrets when looking back to undergraduate years.


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