Life is made of dreams and accomplishments

Amazing blog by international student Paula Amorim from Brazil



Yep…Life is made of dreams and accomplishments. I really think that anyone who doesn’t dream, doesn’t accomplish, so does not live and just survives. Someone asked me what was my biggest dream. My biggest dream has already have been accomplished. Being happy. But this dream of mine it’s complex, and full of another dreams and desires. Then, the same person reformulated the question, and asked, “What are the little other dreams that make up your main dream?” Haha! And I made a list of some of these little dreams, even the ones that people said were crazy, or “just a faze”!

The list

  • Skydiving alone
  • Get into medicine college
  • Being a wonderful doctor for my patients
  • Travel the whole world
  • Knowing Ireland 😀
  • Be able to get along with people that are by my side everyday but i’m not exactly a fan of them…
  • Read all the books that I want
  • Buy my first car with my own money
  • Tomorrowland
  • Backpack in South America
  • Go to the show of my three favorite bands

and I have lots more I could add to the list!!
Actually I didn’t wanna to talk about all my dreams with ‘just someone’. I just talked about some of them because, when I was asked what were my dreams I realised that many people when faced with certain moments in life, just forget about dreams and stop giving importance to the act of dreaming. They just focus on problems. But are those problems reason enough to give up dreaming about living and accomplishing desires?

Or worse, I know people that don’t care about what is going to happen, they just keep living that small life, without THINKING about what they want to be, what they want to learn, who they want to help.
And this is so depressing, because life is very short and those people let life pass them by unnoticeably, unbelieving, just existing, but never in fact living, and when they realise this and want to start planning, it is already time to being doing, realising their plans, dreams and desires. Then the despair comes, the anguish of letting life pass you by, just breathing, without really living. The regret of never had stopped for some minutes to plan to do things that make you excited inside….and just be happy :)!

Because dreams, don’t need to be grandiose every time, full of impossible richness. Because dreaming can be ambition.
Dreams are those more simple, that with effort are reached, accomplished, make you happy and invite you to dream again.
So, dream always. But don’t forget about living. Beause dreaming without effort to accomplish it…its just dreaming. And if you don’t accomplish one dream, work on another.

One of my dreams


I’m studying in a great university, getting to know people from all over the world, making a lot of friends, improving my English and accumulating knowledge of different cultures! And I’m sure that is just the beginning of a lot of more great things that will come while I’m in Ireland! I was checking my dream list..I already have done some items, and throughout this year I’ll put a “check’ beside others…And the most important thing: I have accomplished things that I even knew that I wanted! 


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