Brazilian student blogs about life unfolding in UCC

UCC Brazilian student Paula Amorim tells us about autumn life in UCC, Cork, Ireland

Going to a Travis concert


Travis 2

Travis is my second favorite band, I have listened to them since I was eleven years old. But they aren’t very popular in Brazil, so I never had the chance to go to their concert. But two weeks ago I went to see them in Dublin. I talked to the vocalist, Fran. The band gave me their pick and the towel! It was a dream come true for me.


My Birthday

I felt so lucky! Before I left home I was thinking “I’ll spend my birthday far away from my family and friends…How would it be?” I’d miss everyone so much…But I’m glad to say to everyone…I found amazing friends here too !

I felt so special…I didn’t just get cool presents, but also special things! Things that show that my friends in Ireland know me very well already! I got a cake and cupcakes baked from my friends, a drawing where every single part relates to my life and experiences so far here…And everyone signed the drawing and wrote something nice for me! My presents included a Vinyl from Coldplay! And a scrapbook made from the best room mates ever!   Everyone was there for me, and they have been amazing friends for me! Friendship is one of the most important things for me, and I’m very lucky to have them all here in Cork.


B-day card

B-day card presents



Finally here is a picture of my very first Halloween and of my friends!




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