UCC Nursing and Science Without Borders

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UCC is delighted to announce that it is offering nursing modules to the Science Without Borders undergraduate students eligible for the next call for Ireland. Students will be offered a suite of modules as indicated below. Clinical placements will not be offered.

Interested in Studying in one of Europe’s leading Schools in Nurse Education and in one of the top ranked Universities worldwide? Undertake an academic attachment at the School of Nursing and Midwifery University College Cork and undertake a  range of personal and professional development modules to enhance your nurse education and career opportunities.  

Modules include:

Clinical Nursing Care

NU3078 Health Promotion and Primary Healthcare in a General Health Context (10 credits)

NU3079 General Nursing with Adults and their Families III  – focusing on common, acute and chronic conditions (15 credits)

NU3080 General Nursing with Adults, Children and their Families IV – focusing on oncology (5 credits)

NU3081 General Nursing with Adults, Children and their Families V – focusing on end of life and  palliative care (5 credits)

NU3077 Mental Health and its Determinants – Application to the Role of the General Nurse in Promoting Therapeutic Interactions (5 credits)

NU4036 Caring for People with Intellectual Disabilities for General and Mental Health Nursing Students (5 credits)

IP3008 Palliative Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach (5 credits)

NU4037 Wound Management (5 credits)

Personal and Professional Development

LW4441 Legal Aspects of Professional Nursing and Midwifery (5 credits)

NU4028 Health Care Ethics (5 credits)

NU3076 Professional Issues, Development of Disciplinary Knowledge, Teaching and Learning (5 credits)

NU4031 Advanced Communication Skills for Nursing and Midwifery Practice (5 credits)

NU4025 Health Care Informatics for Nursing and Midwifery (5 credits)

NU4034 Complementary Therapies in Healthcare (5 credits)

Professional Nursing concepts and processes

NU3083 Research for Evidence Based Nursing and Midwifery Care (5 credits)

NU4020 Organisational Management in Nursing (5 credits)

NU4018 Nursing Science (5 credits)

NU3083 Research for Evidence Based Nursing and Midwifery Care (5 credits)

NU4024 Health Promotion for Nursing Practice (5 credits)

SC4001 Sociology of Health: Contemporary Debates and Holistic Healthcare for the 21st Century (5 credits)


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