Happy one month anniversary of living in IRELAND!


By Marcela Benati de Andrade Farias

My name is Marcela Benati.  I’m fascinated with life, cultures, travels and photos. I’m 23 years old and I study medicine in Brazil. I was born in São Paulo but I have already lived in many different states in Brazil. I also lived in the United States for half a year to practice English. I’m really close to my family, but I know that the distance does not decrease our love and our proximity. I always enjoyed travelling around and meeting different cultures. I’m interested in increasing my ability to speak English, to travel around the world and to be studying in such a huge and beautiful university as UCC.

It’s hard to summarise all the experiences that I’ve gone through this month. But I can assure you something: I’m living the most enthusiastic moments of my life!

And I think the best way to show you all my experiences so far is by sharing  some of my photos with you.


I’m the girl on the right. Do I seem scared??? No… but yes I was really scared. Well it’s not easy to leave home, to leave our parents, friends and our house. But being honest, now I know that there is not a lot to be scared of. I’ve learned that we don’t belong to a predetermined place. We can make new friends, built a new house and be happy. And homesickness? I’m feeling a lot of this lately but that is also good… we see how some people are essential in our lives and we get even closer to them.

This photo was taken in the airport of Amsterdam while I waited for my flight to Cork. In the picture, there are other Brazilian students that I met at the airport and were starting the same adventure!

Shopping time…


What scared me most in Ireland was the weather. I was leaving at Fortaleza, Brazil. And there, it is always summer!!! But you don’t need to be scared… you can buy a lot of cheap clothes here! We went on our first day shopping to do a little research of the prices in Ireland!

As you can see… we didn’t just do research, we bought a lot in Penneys! Everybody loves Penneys! It’s a big store where you can find a lot of things, from clothes to decorations. I bought a towel, bathroom carpet, winter clothes, and also some decorations for my room… it is good to feel like you are at home. See how cute the decorations are!


Walking around…

After setting up in my room I wanted to get to know my new surroundings. So I put my gym clothes and went to a walk. After less than 10 minutes walking…look at what I found! Such a wonderful view just behind my new home!



Welcome to UCC…

I was so excited on my first day!! After dreaming and imagining how wonderful the university would be… I would finally be there. As you can see in the picture it’s gorgeous! The campus is awesome, the grass of the main quad always beautiful and all the buildings are fantastic. The library is unbelievable… a lot of books and also the perfect place to study.

I hope you enjoined this post. There are still a lot of things that I want to show, like my experience of playing hurling, the university pub, the Blarney Castle, my day trip to Kinsale… and a lot more. My first month in Cork was amazing and I’m very excited for what comes next!!



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