Genetics and accommodation at UCC

Our Student Ambassador Audrey Dearing blogs about her genetics programme and living experience at UCC…


I found my programme because I was interested in studying abroad in Ireland, and Cork was a perfect fit for me. Not only did it offer my programme, genetics, but the reputation of the lecturers, the size of classes, and the international reputation of the research of my programme made it a perfect fit for me.

My education has been world class, with easily far more relatively independent lab experience than I ever would have experienced in an American university. My lecturers all know who I am, and I find the classes challenging and relevant.


I’ve always found the Accommodation Office extremely helpful in finding houses and settling disputes with landlords. They were very accessible and helpful. For all four years, I have lived in student housing. For three years I lived on the iconic College Road, a great place to live to meet people and to experience social life. This year I’m living in a slightly more posh house off of Barrack Street, another major housing area for students. As with any college, some houses were nicer than others, but I’m find myself missing all of my houses for the unique experiences they brought.


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