All of my favourite things….

Our Student Ambassador Audrey Dearing blogs about her favourite places in Cork.campus

My favourite place in Cork City aside from UCC is Oliver Plunkett Street. Oliver Plunkett Street is one of the major streets in town full of my favourite shops, like LUSH Cosmetics and Pennys Department Store, my favourite cafes, like LA Bagels, and my favourite pubs, like An Brog (which means The Shoe in Irish) and An Bodhran (which means The Drum). One could spend ages walking up and down this street.

Cork is a city which is the perfect size; it’s large enough to be interesting, but small enough to be manageable. Cork is not remotely isolated from the campus; people meet interchangeably in pubs on and off campus, as they’re very close to each other. Some people live closer to the city or closer to campus, but they’re close enough to be convenient.

My favourite place on UCC Campus is the Amphitheatre. The Amphitheatre is a large concrete circle with seating in the middle of campus, and is the ideal place to “accidentally” run into people you want to run into. It’s located right outside the Student Centre, a mecca of activity. A close second is the President’s Garden, which is in between the Student Centre and the iconic Quad (which itself is my favourite building on campus). It’s a beautiful place to relax on sunny days.

Ireland is obviously a different country, but it’s not as different as many people may think. The main thing I notice about Ireland is how easy people are to talk to, and how low-hassle life is here.

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