Take a Hike!

A view of the vast city of Cork

A view of the vast city of Cork

As a small-town American girl, I had become very accustomed to driving myself wherever I needed to go so coming to Cork without my own transportation required a big change on my part. I was apprehensive about my skills at navigating the public transportation systems but I didn’t want to be stuck in my apartment all the time. Now I have a handle on how to read the bus and train timetables but I find that one of my favorite things to do here is to just take a walk. Cork has these wonderful trails mapped out that guide you around the city and have informational signs at major landmarks giving you a bit of history. On those not-so-common sunny days, I like to pack up my camera and my map of the city and just walk around the city taking in the sights. Through these walks, I have been able to see all of the different sides of the beautiful Cork City and to learn more about the history and people of my new home. Plus,  when you inevitably get lost, there is a sense of satisfaction at being able to navigate your way home again (and it makes for a great story to tell your family!)

Check out the walks for yourself: http://www.corkcity.ie/services/roadstransportation/corkwalks/

Blog by Rosie Mujica


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