Calling All Marching Bands. Be part of Ireland 2013.

Cork Rebel Week will take place on Monday 14th October to Sunday 20th October. It is supported and funded by Cork City Council and Cork County Council and Board Failte. Cork Rebel Week is our very own ‘Cork Gathering Event‘ and we hope to see 5,000 people travelling from overseas for the event. Cork Rebel Week is also for locals!

We’re excited to tell you about the main events during Cork Rebel Week:

  • 12 International Marching Bands from second level schools in the US and the UK will arrive on Wednesday 16th Oct and will be hosted by 8 county towns and 4 city districts.  Up to 50 accompanying members per band. Bands are not finalised yet.
  • Two Day Cork Economic Forum on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th October.  The first day will be a day-long conference in City Hall and the second day is company visits, followed by an Evening Dinner. The two Mayors will formally invite people back to attend this Economic Forum.
  • International Cork Day on Wednesday 16th October commemorating Michael Collins’ Birthday and there will be several events including one in Collins’ Barracks.
  • Saturday 19th International Marching Bands Parade akin to St Patrick’s Parade with a Carnival atmosphere in the City, commencing around 4pm.
  • Naval Ships Display in Cork Harbour
  • Sports EventsGAA County Hurling Final on Sunday, the 20th October.  Rebel Week is very keen to invite international sports teams back to play in Cork as part of Cork Rebel Week
  • Cork Food Fair led by Darina Allen
  • Cork Passport to be issued to people travelling from overseas with discounts in businesses/shops/restaurants etc.
  • Selected ‘’Border Controls’’ at County towns with Charity Checkpoints for Cork charities on International Cork Day

Is your marching band interested in travelling to Ireland and participating in Cork Rebel Week?

Full details on how to apply available here


And/or email Louise at louise@corporate.ie for more information.

The deadline for receipt of applicants is Friday 8th March.


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  1. Make sure you also get your hands on a limited edition Cork Passport!

    Just Create an account on the Cork Rebel Week website to get your Cork Rebel Week Passport! Build points to qualify for a passport – such as Taking part in the International Band Local Accommodation Program or Sharing various Cork Rebel Week related information on Facebook or Twitter.The Full Points criteria of how to earn Rebel Points is available on http://www.corkrebelweek2013.com/rebel-passport-points

    Get yours now and benefit from extensive discounts and offers across the
    County in accommodation, hospitality, retail and leisure during Cork Rebel Week.

    What’s more you don’t need to travel to get your Rebel Week Passport! People living in Cork or any part of Ireland can also obtain a Cork Passport via initiatives around supporting and promoting the concept ‘Rebel Week’:

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