“Conquering the last minute butterflies in your stomach”

The day to leave has come!

(We think Shannon’s latest blog is a pre-departure must! Thanks Shannon!)

Hello there friends. Hope everything has been going swell with you and that you really want to come study at UCC! I promise, you won’t regret it one bit. The past month has been the greatest of my life. Every day is a new adventure. Do I really have to leave this place in June? I hope not.

Anyways, since in order to get somewhere new, you have to well, leave, I thought that a post on conquering the last minute butterflies in your stomach may be helpful, since I certainly wish I had something like this the day before I left.

For me, coming on this journey was the most nerve wracking decisions that I have ever made in my life. My parents are my best friends and going to school just three hours away from home meant that Mom and Dad could come up for the day on a whim. I rarely went more than a month without seeing them. Spending an extended amount of time in a country that is a six hour plane ride away, let alone on a different continent absolutely terrified me beyond words. But, a super amazing person named Taylor Swift said that nothing safe is worth the drive, so yeah, to Ireland I went!

Waking up and being able to say “I leave for Ireland tomorrow” was so weird, yet exciting. I had spent months wondering what my last day in the States would be like, and here it was. What really surprised me, was the fact that I wasn’t as scared as I thought that it would be. Maybe it was because it was also New Years Eve, and I was quite excited to spend my night with my best friends, or maybe, my mind was sick of being scared. Regardless, the terror wasn’t near what I initially expecting so I was stoked.

That doesn’t mean that the whole day went by without some minor panic attacks every so often. When stuff like that did happen, I just reminded myself that going to Ireland couldn’t physically hurt me. Think about how many times that you have done things that you were scared of before, like that gigantic rollercoaster. They never were as bad as you imagined them to be, in fact that they were kind of fun actually. Also, when on earth will you have the chance to call a foreign city your home for five months again? It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will teach you so much and allow you to rediscover yourself.

The same went for the day that I left, except, with way more nerves and some tears involved. This is normal! Chances are, your parents will cry at the airport, and you may cry when you say goodbye to your house and your family. I did, and I’m not ashamed at all. What’s key is that you remember that you aren’t going away forever. You’re leaving your comfort zone for a long time, of course you’ll be sad and scared and emotional!

Try to stay composed though. Listen to music that makes you smile on the way to the airport and think about how you have an opportunity to completely recreate yourself into anyone that you want to be starting in just a few hours. How amazing is that!?!

Also, don’t freak out if your appetite is missing in action. I didn’t eat the day I left, and the day I got to Ireland. I don’t recommend it, but its another one of those things that you deal with. Like I said before, the leaving process is taxing on your mind, so your brain may act weird for a bit.

Lastly, talk it out. If you’re super terrified, talk to someone that you feel comfortable confiding in. Its so much better to let the emotion out as it comes, rather than just piling it all within yourself until you just explode. Writing what you’re feeling also helps a ton as well. Anything that will stop you from keeping all of the negative energy in you will do the trick.

There you have it. Hope this helps! Don’t forget that if you want me to write about a topic in particular to send me an email at Shannon.Corcoran@quinnipiac.edu. Its never too early to start getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


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