MA student talks about accommodation, clubs and societies at UCC

Masters degree student, Courtney Cokely discusses her living arrangements and involvement in clubs.

UCC tennis club

I lived in private accommodation near the college with 5 other mature PhD students and doctors.  It has worked out perfectly.  I found the house on daft.ie prior to my arrival in Cork, and a close friend here looked at the room and spoke with the landlord on my behalf.   I have my own room and bathroom, but there are plenty of opportunities to socialize with my housemates whilst cooking together in the kitchen or watching tv in the sitting room.  Being a mature student myself, it’s nice to live with people in a similar situation to discuss college life, but at the same time, I enjoy hearing stories and getting perspectives of people in the professional world too!  It makes for a nice balance in the house.

I played for the UCC tennis club and was on the executive committee for the Postgrad Society.  I think becoming involved early in both helped me to become more familiar with UCC culture.  The Postgrad Society allowed my voice and opinions to be heard and hopefully be considered when important decisions are made regarding services and resources for the postgraduate population on campus.   In terms of the tennis club, I actually had not played tennis for a team since high school in 2000, and I was really worried that I would not fit in.  However, it turned out to be one of my favourite parts of my year.  Being physically active helped to balance stress of college work and also allowed me to expand my social circle.  The highlight of the year was the Intravarsity competition which was hosted by UCC.  My team was a runner-up in the finals, and both the competition and the events planned around the tournament enabled me to became much closer with many of my teammates.


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