Accommodation and academic life for a visiting student

Joel Rhodes talks about his accommodation and gives some advice on the academic side of life as a visiting student.

One of the first things to consider when it comes to accommodation is location. There are many options for accommodation near UCC, city centre, and in between. I chose The Spires because of its location between city centre and UCC (and good reviews!). Walking everywhere was quick and easy which I really appreciated. Something else to keep in mind is choosing the size of your apartment. My experience is living with several people tends to be better than living with just a couple. Then you are more likely to find great people to hang out with from the start. Also, you might be more likely to be living with an Irish student- something that I missed out on in a three person apartment.

Friends in front of the Spires on Paddy’s Day

There are classes specifically for visiting students, and I took a mixture of those with classes specifically in my major. Some of the visiting student modules include Irish (Gaelic), history, folklore, and traditional music. These modules all provide opportunities outside of the classroom in Cork City and the surrounding areas. Take advantage of it, and you’ll learn so much!

Be sure to take other classes aside from visiting students’ modules. I took a Freshwater Resources Management module which fits into my environmental studies major. The module had weekly field trips to streams, a dam, water treatment facilities, the Heineken Brewery in Cork, and the Jameson Distillery. Look for interesting modules in your major (even if you don’t need it), and it’s also a good way to meet Irish students.


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