Where students travel to in Europe from Cork

Study Abroad student Joel Rhodes writes about his travel outside Ireland while studying in UCC.

Aer Lingus has many flights out of Cork and Dublin to great locations in Europe.  They have really cheap flights if you book in advance, and they are less restrictive than Ryanair! I coordinated with students from my home college studying elsewhere in Europe to meet up with them.  It’s a great way to experience other parts of Europe with people you know, see where they are living, save money, and realize how truly wonderful Cork is!

I flew from Dublin to Geneva which is a great city to travel to if you are looking to get to the Alps.  I spent a weekend skiing in Chamonix, France, and it was incredible!

Ski break overlooking Mont Blanc

I flew from Cork to Paris and traveled to Lille, France to visit friends then stop in Bruges and Brussels where I knew another friend studying abroad.  From Brussels I flew back to Cork

Later I flew to Edinburgh from Cork.  This was one of my favourite cities to visit, and the highlands and lochs are beautiful. I also flew to and from Amsterdam from Cork.

Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh Scotland


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