Study Film at UCC

Are you a student interested in film? Come to UCC and immerse yourself in film history, digital workshops and work with expert filmmakers and screenwriters.

University College Cork is delighted to announce a new BA in Film and Screen Media, launching September 2013.

This exciting BA combines two fields – Film Studies and Screen Media. It offers students a comprehensive education in the history, values, aesthetics and ideology of the moving image. Students will benefit from a programme led by internationally recognised experts.

Our BA in Film and Screen Media is unique in the Republic of Ireland in its combination of film studies and screen media (internet, mobile social media, computer games). Students will study a wide range of subjects including early film, European cinema, American cinema, and Ireland on Screen.  The BA also offers practical modules and workshops in digital filmmaking and writing for the screen. During your degree students will have the chance to work with a resident filmmaker and collaborate on producing short films and promos. You will also have the opportunity of working on a treatment and a short script under the guidance of an accredited expert in screenwriting.  Leading figures from both Ireland and further afield will be coming in to give guest lectures on filmmaking, film producing, screenwriting, acting, film history, and marketing of films. UCC has a strong record in attracting notable speakers – in the past, we’ve welcomed Oscar nominated filmmakers, distinguished actors, writers and producers – and this tradition will continue in our new BA.

Students taking the BA in Film and Screen Media at University College Cork will not only benefit from the breadth and depth of our programme: you will be studying in one of Ireland’s most beautiful (and friendliest!) campuses and in a city that boasts a vibrant filmmaking and cultural scene. You will get to meet independent filmmakers from Cork, and have the chance to attend the many film festivals and cultural events that take place in the city and county. We can even put you in touch with event organizers should you wish to volunteer and get involved!

University College Cork’s BA in Film and Screen Media will prepare you for the challenges of our society and our evolving technologies, and help equip you with the skills for careers in the media, the culture and creative industries, teaching, journalism, or for further study and research at postgraduate level.

For more information, check out our webpage on www.ucc.ie/en/filmstudies

  • Email: uccfilmstudies@ucc.ie
  • Twitter: @uccfilmstudies
  • For details on how to apply please contact the International Education Office : l.brett@ucc.ie

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